About Me

I believe that the process of sharing anxieties, hopes and fears can help a person to develop and learn to make their own decisions and achieve their full potential. Everyone has the capability to manage their own difficulties, if they are supported through the process.

Although your experiences and feelings are your own and nobody knows them better than you do, it can sometimes be difficult be to ask for help or find ways to explore your feelings and experiences by yourself. Everyone has the right to be in control of their own lives and I will treat you with care, compassion, understanding, and will go at you’re at your pace so that you gain satisfaction and balance in your life.

I believe the relationship and trust between a client and their therapist is the most significant part of therapy and therefore I can offer you a supportive environment to explore your feelings. I will listen to you and assist you to find a way through whatever is troubling you. I am warm, understanding and non-judgmental. I aim to build up your trust and confidence so that we can work together in partnership to explore ways for you to manage, move forward, or techniques to help you find a solution that suits your needs.